30×50 house plans

30×50 house plans 

This is a 30×50 house plans. This plan has 3 bedrooms, a parking area, a drawing room, a modern kitchen, and a common washroom.

In this article, we will share a house design in 3bhk, and the area of this plan is 30 x 50 feet.

The total plot area of this plan is 1,100 Square Feet and in the image we have provided the dimension of every bedroom in feet so that anyone can understand easily.

30 50 house design 

This house plan has bedrooms with an attached washroom, a porch area, and a living area, a kitchen, a wash area, and a common washroom for everyone.

For making this plan easy and comfortable we provided a parking area at the beginning of the plan where you can park your vehicles and there is also a lawn.

The dimension of the parking area is 13’8″x16’0″ and the staircase is also built in this area.

30x50 house design

After the parking area as we enter into the house at first, there is a hall/living area which is the main area of your house you can decorate this room in many ways and styles.

In the hall, you can place a sofa set, couch and anything you want and the dimension of the hall is 14’8″x 20’0″ which is quite big and spacious.

The hall is spacious and here you can make a wall-mounted tv cabinet and do some other interior decoration and false ceiling design etc.

Now there is a common bedroom where you can place a bed, make a wardrobe and do some other arrangements.

The dimension of the common bedroom is 10’0″x12’0″. In front of this bedroom, we provided a common washroom with the dimension of 6’8″x 4’8″.

Now let us jump into the kitchen, the kitchen is modular and has modern features and we provided a wash area near the kitchen.

The dimension of the kitchen is 10’8″x11’0″ and the size of the wash area is 10’8″x 4’8″. and in the kitchen, there are wall-mounted drawers and cabinets for storage.

After all of the area, we have our master bedroom with an attached washroom in this room you can place a bed, make a wardrobe, and some other items.

The dimension of the master bedroom is 11’0″x12’0″ and the size of the washroom is 7’8″x 4’0″.

Now we have studied the whole plan very well and we hope that you might have liked this house plan and must share your thoughts on this post.

In conclusion

This is the modern 2bhk house plan in the plot area of 30 feet by 50 feet and the plan we have shared is a sweet and simple plan with a big parking area and lawn.

The plan is simple and if you want to enhance the look of this house plan so you can go for the interior decoration and exterior decoration of the plan.

And this is a low-budget house plan cause it is a small plan with two bedrooms and common washrooms and a wash area.

We hope that you might have liked this simple house design.


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