20×45 house plan

20×45 house plan

In this article, we will share a 20×45 house plan. The total plot area of this plan is 900 square feet.

This house plan consists of a parking area, a hall or a living area, a modular kitchen and two bedrooms, a common washroom, and a wash area.

And we have also provided the dimension of every area so that anyone can understand easily and share their thoughts with us and for different sizes must visit our website.

Here we will share some designs of a 20 by 45 house plan and provide the size of every area and try the make the designs easy and understandable for everyone out there.

For different sizes must visit our website and choose the right house plan according to your choice and plot size.

20 45 house plan

We have provided 20 x 45 house plans  2bhk with every possible modern fixture and facility that are in trend and also plays an important role in our daily life.

Designing your dream home requires careful planning and consideration of various factors, including the size, layout, and orientation of the house.

In this article, we have shared a 2bhk ground floor plan that consists of a big parking area, a living area, a modular kitchen, and two bedrooms.

Now let us see how the plan is built. At the start of the plan, we have provided a parking area where you can park vehicles and do gardening. for different sizes must visit our website.

The dimension of the parking area is 9’0″x 10’8″ and the staircase is also provided in this area. for different sizes must visit our website.

And in the porch/parking area, you can also place some flower pots and make your house green and you can get fresh oxygen all the time.

20x45 house plan

As we go inside the plan at first we have a living area or a hall where you can place a sofa set, couch, and some other stuff.

The dimension of the hall is 9’4″x 16’4″ and for elevating the look of this room you can opt for interior decoration.

Then we have an open-concept modular kitchen with an attached dining area. We have provided every kind of modern fixture for the kitchen.

The dimension of the kitchen cum dining area is 9’4″x 16’4″ and there is also a wash area in the size of 9’4″x 4’0″. For different sizes must visit our website.

In the kitchen, you can make wall-mounted cabinets and drawers for storage and you can cover the shelf also it changes the overall look of the kitchen.

This plan has two bedrooms. The size of the first bedroom is 9’0″x 12’0″ and the size of the second bedroom is 9’0″x 12’0″ both room has the same dimension.

In both of the bedrooms, you can place a double bed, and make a wardrobe for storage and place some other stuff.

And in the bedrooms, you can make a tv cabinet and make a wall-mounted wardrobe which gives a very rich and classy look to the house.

Then we have a common washroom in the size 5’8″x 4’8″ and every family member can use this washroom and having an common washroom is very important.

for different sizes must visit our website.

In conclusion

Designing a house plan involves careful consideration of the plot’s orientation and its impact on natural lighting, energy efficiency, and overall comfort.

With exploring you can find the perfect 20×45 house plan according to your need and desires and we also hope that this plan can fulfill all your needs and vision.

Always remember what is a priority and what is your need then choose or finalize any house design. And for different sizes must visit our website.

And for different sizes must visit our website.

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