20×30 house plans

20×30 house plans

In this article, we are Introducing our well executed 20×30 house plans, designed to embrace natural light and create a harmonious living environment.

In this post, we will share a house plan with the dimension of 20 x 30 if you are planning to build a house of this size so you can look into this article.

Everyone has different needs and tastes if you like our this design but you want to change it according to your choice and make it and in changing we can also help you.

20 x 30 house plans

It is a 20 x 30 house plan this plan has 2 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen cum dining area, and each of the rooms has its washroom and there is also a common washroom.

This plan is made with great simplicity, in this you can make designs from interior decoration to exterior decoration and even front elevation.

And if you are going with a high budget and want to elevate the overall look of this house plan, then you must consider the interior decoration, exterior decoration, and the front elevation design which drastically elevate the look.

20x30 house plans

20×30 house plan 1bhk

This is a 20×30 1bhk modern house plan this plan has one bedroom, a living area, a kitchen cum dining area, and each of the rooms has its washroom and there is also a common washroom.

As you can see in the image it is a 1bhk modern house plan. We have designed this plan in a very simple and sober way that can attract anyone.

This is a small house plan but it is a very good option for a couple and small family because it gives privacy to the owner.

Let’s talk about the drawing and how it is planned. So at the beginning of the plan, there is a parking area or a porch where you can park vehicles.

The size of the parking area is 9’0″x10’0″ where you can park a bike and a car and the staircase is also provided in this area.

On moving onwards as we go inside the house there is a hall or a drawing room. In this room, you can place a sofa set and make a tv cabinet.

The size of the drawing room is 9’4″x12’0″, where you can opt for interior decoration, false selling design, wall painting, etc.

Now this plan has one bedroom with an attached washroom which gives you privacy and makes it more convenient.

The size of this bedroom is 9’0″x11’0″ in this room you can place a double bed and a wall-mounted wardrobe. and the size of the attached washroom is 4’0″x7’8″.

The bedroom is quite spacious here you can place so many things and also do some interior decoration of this room to make it more cozy and attractive.

Now we have the heart of any house that is a kitchen. and it is an open kitchen where you can interact with your family while cooking.

In this plan, we have provided a modular kitchen with modern fixtures and modern appliances.

The dimension of the kitchen is 9’4″x7’0″ and you can design it according to your and the interior you are choosing.

In conclusion,

So in this article, we have shared a 20 by 30 1bhk modern house plan with modern fixtures and we hope that you have liked it.
And this plan is perfect for a small family and newlywed couples who are searching for a plan.
You can also do the interior decoration of this plan and elevate the overall look of this plan by doing some wall painting and some false ceiling design and other things.
Like you can make a wall-mounted tv cabinet in the drawing area, and make cabinets in the kitchen and in bedrooms also.
And after all of the interior decoration, you can also go for the exterior decoration like front elevation design, textured wall painting, and wall designs.


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