60 x 30 house plan south facing

60 x 30 house plan south facing Vastu Plan

This is a 60 x 30 house plan south facing. This plan has a porch area, a living area, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a drawing room, and a common washroom.

Here in this post, we will share an 1800-square-foot house plan for a plot size of 60 by 30.

In the image we have mentioned the dimensions of every space in feet so that anyone can understand the design easily.

60×30 house plan south-facing

This is a modern south facing house plan according to Vastu Shastra and with every modern feature and facilities.

This plan has a parking area, a living area, 3 bedrooms with an attached washroom, a kitchen, a drawing room, and a common washroom.

Here in this article, every area is connected and every room is big and spacious with large windows and ventilation.

At the beginning of the plan we provided a porch cum parking area where you can park your vehicles and a staircase is also there.

The dimension of the porch area is 12’8″x 16’0″.

60 x 30 house plan south facing

Then as we go inside the house at first there is a drawing area where you can welcome your guests and make some seating arrangements.

The dimension of the drawing area is 10’2″x 9’8″ and after this, there is a living cum dining area and this is the center of the house.

In the living area, you can make a wall-mounted TV cabinet and place a sofa set, couch, and dining table for seating.

The dimension of the living area is 19’0″x 12’8″ and there is also a common washroom in the dimension of 6’2″x 4’0″.

Now we provided a modular kitchen with a connected wash area and store room in the kitchen you can make wall-mounted cabinets and drawers.

The dimension of the kitchen is 10’8″x 13’8″ and size of the wash area is 5’8″x 4’8″ and the store room measures 4’8″x 10’8″.

Now there is a common bedroom you can use this room as a study room for kids or a work-from-home place for yourself.

The dimension of this common bedroom is 12’8″x 12’8″.

Now there is a master bedroom with a shared washroom in this bedroom you can place a bed, make a wardrobe and a table for work.

The dimension of this master bedroom is 15’6″x 12’8″ and the dimension of the shared washroom is 7’8″x 4’4″.

After this, there is another master bedroom with an attached washroom you can arrange this bedroom according to your choice.

The dimension of this master bedroom is 11’2″x 12’4″ and the size of the attached washroom is 4’0″x 8’4″.

In conclusion

So this was the south facing modern Vastu-oriented 3bhk ground floor plan with modern features and facilities.

Hope you like this plan and for more designs visit our website.

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