40×70 house plans

40×70 house plans

This is a 40×70 house plans. This plan has a parking area and a lawn, a backyard, a maid room, 3 bedrooms with an attached washroom, a kitchen, a drawing room, and a common washroom.

Here in this post, we will share some house designs for a 40 by 70 feet house design.

The total area of this plan is 2400 square feet and we have provided the dimensions of every area so that anyone can understand easily.

40 x 70 house floor plans

This is a 40 by 70 3bhk modern house design with every kind of modern features and facilities and this plan has a front and rear open area.

This house plan consists of a porch and a lawn area, then a hall, a living area, a dining area, a kitchen, a backyard, 3 bedrooms, a common washroom, and a maid room is also provided.

In the beginning of the plan we have provided a porch area where you can park your vehicles and there is a lawn area where you can do gardening.

The dimension of the porch area is 15’4″x 20’4″ a staircase is also provided in this area.

40x70 house plans

Now there is a hall in the dimensions 12’4″x 17’4″ and here you can place a sofa set, and couch and do some interior decoration, and welcome your guest.

Then there is a living area where you can enjoy yourself with your family and in this area, you can make a wall-mounted TV cabinet and do the interior decoration.

The dimension of the living area is 12’0″x 12’1″.

After this, we have provided a dining area where you can place a 6-seater dining table and have food with your family.

The dimension of the dining area is 12’4″x 20’4″ and in front of this area, we have provided a modular kitchen.

In the kitchen, you can make wall-mounted cabinets and drawers for storage and place some other important things according to your choice.

The dimension of the kitchen is 12’0″x 10’0″ and from here you can go to the backyard and dimension of the backyard is 22’0″x15’0″.

Now there are three bedrooms in this plan and there is also a maid room where we have provided an attached washroom for their use.

In this plan, we have also provided a common washroom with the dimensions of 7’4″x 4’4″.

Two bedrooms of this plan have an attached washroom which gives the rooms more privacy and comfort.

And the dimension of the maid room is 10’0″x 10’0″ and the size of the attached washroom is 6’0″x 4’0″.

In conclusion

This was our 40-foot by 70-foot house plan with a big front yard and a backyard with every kind of modern fixture and facility.

You can also do the interior decoration of every room of this plan and make this plan more classy and give rich vibes to it.

And for the outside, you can opt for the front elevation design, textured wall painting, etc.


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