If you are staying in a rented house in Bangalore, this is for you.

"At the time of vacating, the tenant should repaint the schedule premises. Otherwise one month’s rent will be deducted from the deposit for the same."

Turn this clause to your benefit.

We at Houzy help save 100% of your deposit. Why give up one month's rent as painting and cleaning charge when you can have it all?

We will help you paint, clean and repair your house at half a month's rent. So that you can buy something nice for your new house. Go ahead, pamper yourself.

We have been where you are and we understand the pain of losing a fair amount of money.


We Paint

Get the house looking as pristine as it did when you moved in. We primarily paint the interior walls. The exterior, ceiling and doors will be painted if required.


We Clean

When we are done with our work, you will have a house that is ready for the next occupants to move right in. No nook and cranny will be neglected - the house owner is going to be pretty impressed with you.


We Repair

Wear and tear are common signs of inhabitation. Anything damaged under your occupancy, including electrical & plumbing, wardrobe etc., will be fixed by our professionals.

About Us

It is sheer passion and dedication that lay the foundation of our interior and renovation company – Renovart. Driven by the need to do honest and transparent work and also to provide nothing less than the best when it comes to quality, Renovart made its name in the field of international standard interior designing and renovation.

As we at Renovart enjoyed its success, we also came to notice that we can do something for people who live in rented houses get 100% of their deposit back when they move out. This is how Houzy was born. When there is a very easy way to save your money, why should you ignore it? As you call us to help you out, you are becoming a part of our happy and satisfied family.